While many teens are struggling to survive and find money to attend school, some teenagers and widows will have the opportunity to begin their own business by raising livestock to produce income.  A goat, a sheep, two rabbits or two chickens will provide a beginning plus some feed.  Freedom House Ministries will begin instructing several different ones in Lela, Kenya later this month on how to help supply a much needed income.  Our hope is to see each person supplied with an animal to raise. This would begin to help meet theirdaily personal needs but by theirvery own abilities.  It is a wonderful thrill, a kind act of mercy which makes the donor feel good inside when we have an opportunity to meet the needs of small children and others.  But there is a greater joygiven to be able to see the older ones become more self sufficient by a smallgift from us.  If you would like to donate a goat, a sheep, etc… please go to our secure pay pal site and be sure to designate ANIMALS FOR KENYA. Now is the time to begin. These animals will grow and produce during these next two – three months which will make money available by January 2011, Another SCHOOL YEAR! This is an EXCITING NEW STEP for Freedom House Ministries and we are living in expectation of the teaching and training bringingthat will bring a good harvest.  Thank You in advance for your love and support on a continual basis.   Hand in Hand together, a greater impact is being made daily.  Dr Kathy Watson